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3 janvier 2018

Dos Ojos

This is the front door to the world of cavern diving. Very accessible, spacious, decorated and full of natural light, this cenote is absolutely gorgeous. It is also the first cavern dive for a lot of visitors thanks to a very easy dive profile.

Maximum depth: Barbie line 9 m, Batcave 10 m

El Pit

It is a deep cenote with water so clear, that at times it’s easy to confuse diving with flying. We also observe the halocline at around 14m depth, and a hydrogen sulfide cloud that sits at 30m. On the ceiling of this massive cavern, we can see hundreds of stalactites both massive and thick like tree trunks, and some that are small and delicate, just like icicles. This site is accessible only to level 2 or advanced divers.

Maximum depth: 30 m


Nicte Ha is just as beautiful on the surface, with all of its Lily flowers, than it is from below the surface, with its light effects and tighter passages. This cavern is only for level 2 or advanced divers to visit, because there needs to be a complete control over buoyancy and kicking techniques due to the environment.

Maximum depth:  6 m


On first sight, you are bound to fall in love with Carwash even before you hit the water. When diving, you will discover the open water area is quite the aquatic garden full of fish and turtles, all in the clearest of turquoise water. Once you head into the cavern, you are bound to be speechless and completely enthralled by the view it has to offer.

Maximum depth: 14 m


A little bit more technical and physical, this cavern can be a rollercoaster of experiences. The entrance is through a hole with a 4 m width, at a height of 3 m. Once you’ve made the jump, quite literally, and descend in this cavern, you find yourself in fresh water. However, that does not last long, as we descend upon the halocline, around 12 m, and break into the saltwater section, where on top of a little change in buoyancy, we will also feel a change in temperature!

Maximum depth: 17 m

Casa Cenote

A unique dive, mixing mangroves, caverns and river, we observe a flora and fauna completely different from any other cenote. Under the mangroves, we can see the penetration of stunning light beams through the roots, leaving you mesmerized. Casa can be a very moody cenote is known to change sometimes on a day to day basis. Whether it’s the tannic acids from the mangroves painting the waters red or green, or a halocline appearing from the connecting cave to the ocean, it is always keeping you on your toes and is full of the best surprises! Accessible to all levels, even discover scuba divers.

Maximum depth: 6 m


Anglelita is a big blue sinkhole, very deep and unique in the world of cenotes. As we descend, we start to observe this island of collapsed trees in the middle of a very thick cloud at around 20 to 30 m. As if we were in a Tim Burton movie, it is a sensational and out of this world dive. Only accessible to level 2 or advanced divers.

Maximum depth: 30 m


One of the most impressive dives to observe speleothems, is also one of the more technical dives due to the amount of decorations in this cavern! Even though its depth is very shallow, with a relatively flat dive profile, the sheer number of delicate stalactites and stalagmites means that a perfect buoyancy and kicking techniques are required. Without having mastered propulsion techniques, like the frog kick, we will undoubtedly damage this fragile environment, and therefore have it only accessible to advanced divers.

Maximum depth: 7 m

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