Deco ocean dive in Tulum, looking for new dive sites

26 décembre 2018

It’s the 24th of December Jakob and I don’t want to go to work but we still feel like doing a productive pre-christmas dive. 
What shall we do? Do we know good deep ocean dive sites in Tulum? Not really… Shall we look for one? Yeah for sure, let’s do it!

Our double tanks are filled with air, we grab a stage tank each with EAN50 to do our gas switch at 21m and let’s go. Jakob calls his contact for the boat and we head towards Tulum beach. 
To be honest, there’s not much to tell about that dive, we dropped down to 42m and drifted for a 30min bottom time and started the ascent. We didn’t see much, a few sponges, corals, a big lion fish that we wanted to harpoon but no nurse sharks nor ray. One turtle from far away and a lot of fishing nets.

Tulum is definitely not the best place for Ocean diving… we decided to definitely stick to the Cenotes. 
If we want to do deeper drift dives, it’s better to head to Akumal or Playa del Carmen in the area. 
Mahahual and Xcalak are also part of our next dives goals. One day we’ll head there and check it out.

We came back to Tulum, still happy of our dive as it was still a nice little adventure for the both of us and we started getting ready to go out partying on that same night where our friends organized a beautiful Christmas party. Let’s get cooking but before… we need to rinse our gear. 
Cenote diving all the way…


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