Wreck Diving in Annecy, Le France.

10 août 2019

This is a short diving video about a beautiful wreck in Annecy, Le France.
Le France is the last steam boat which sank in 1971 (some say because of the cold winter, some other think more of insurance scam) and was 47m long (155ft).

The shipwreck lays down at 42m depth (138ft) in 6degrees water (43F) in early August.
This dive was by far my coldest dive ever. After 45min diving, I couldn’t feel my hands anymore (wet gloves) but I really loved it. Visibility was not too bad (about 5m) and we even got cheese and wine on the boat after the dive. What else could I ask for?

I guess that’s the perks of diving in France, the snacks afterwards are on another level…
I couldn’t get in the engine room as it was my first dive but the more you dive, the more you can see of this beautiful steamboat, well conserved.
We dove all around the wreck, got in from the deck, went through the billard room, up the stairs on the higher deck and got into the navigation room. We can see the boat that broke in the back and the floor is all cracked. Really cool experience.

If you are in France around the alpes and want to go for a nice dive, I would definitely recommend you the wreck in Annecy. Very accessible for everyone as long as you are an Advanced diver and the dive shop can provide you all the gear required.

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