Cave Diving in Sardinia, Italy.

17 June 2019

Our famous gang of #teamredfins on holidays through Europe for awesome new adventures!
The trip started with epic cave diving in Sardinia where we had a lot of good laughs and amazing food.

It was for me my first time cave diving anywhere else than in Mexico and I really enjoyed the new environment. How would I adapt to cold water? Diving with gloves and tons of undergarments. Would there be more current? How about visibility? All those questions I now have founded answers to.

Practicing in different environments teaches you how to optimize your cave diving techniques and equipment for all situations. It also increases your awareness and your comfort zone. Now I want to keep on travelling and cave diving all around the world.

We dived Cala Luna, Del Fico, Bel Torrente, Bue Marino, Del Fico again and we finished our epic week with Utopia! All those caves were different and unique in their ways, I’m glad to have seen them.

We did a small video on the go to show you some of those beauties. Hope you will enjoy it, even a quarter as much as we enjoyed it, it would already be awesome!

Cave diving in Sardinia was a very good start to our epic road trip.
Next stop: Cave diving in Lot, France.

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