Let’s follow Shannon diving a cool cave in Tulum!

1 June 2020

Shannon has been working on a mapping project in a really cool cave in Tulum.
She decided to take me on a dive to show me this beautiful place I didn’t know about.

It is actually a pretty easy drive to get there and not too far away from Tulum center so it’s a pretty convenient dive site to have such a project in.

When we arrive at the dive site, the water doesn’t look very inviting. It seems to be just a dirty mosquito pond, very very tanic with no visibility. One of those cool entrances where no one would ever think we could dive there except cave divers, of course.
Once we get all our gear ready by the water (sidemount + 1stage tank) we jump in that smelly water and start the dive.

Once we pass that beautiful red colour, we arrive in massive tunnel, it feels like we’re gonna be taking the metro.
The walls are pretty dark due to tannins and the cave goes and goes.

10minutes inside, Shannon lets me know that we’re gonna jump from one line down to salt water.
Wow! From big black cave to smaller white passages, black formation above the halocline, pass under and everything is white. So pretty!
We took a line that goes to a deeper section of 32m (105ft) depth and reached the end of line. The cave goes but it’s a little small and we’re about to rock on some deco.
Cool cave to come back with a kiss sidewinder…

We turn around, come back to main line and take another jump later to do a nice loop.
We washed off some deco on the way back as she showed me a few sloth bones pretty well hidden.
The cave changed a lot from big spaces with no decorations, to tons of formations, to small white passages… Really cool dive!

Thank you for such a nice day! Another staff cave dive nicely executed =)

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