Cenote Vaca-Ha with Jaime and Elliot

8 August 2020

My last cave dive in Mexico before I go back to Europe over the summer. Jaime, Elliot and I decided to do a nice long dive in Cenote Vaca-Ha. Elliot and I were diving with a double stage configuration while Jaime was on his KISS Sidewinder Rebreather.

The Sidewinder is a real sidemount rebreather and is a good game changer for the caves of Mexico. I never was interested in rebreather diving as I thought we didn’t need it for the caves here… But seeing how comfortable he dives being sidemount and us carrying 4 freakin’ tanks… it makes me think a bit. Moreover, at the end of the dive, Elliot and I rocked 23min of deco on O2 while Jaime only had 2min (well… he did 3 anyway, but only 2min! were enough) definitely makes me wanna do a course… one day when I’ll get the money haha.

Anyway, cool and fun dive with my great friends and colleagues before I go back to my native country to hold on for a while as Zen is dying because of Covid… not fun.
Thank you Cenote Vaca-Ha, you were a nice last dive.

Enjoy the video!


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