Quarantine Cave Dive

28 May 2020

Right after the Covid19 pandemic, a cave dive was needed but we knew that we had to live on the budget as we didn’t have that much money. Not being able to cave dive as much as we want, we needed to chose our spots wisely.
Of course we went back to one of our favourite dives. It is a very short cave dive (about 1h), very near Tulum but so much fun and it changes a lot.

We start in a very tannic water, the walls are black and we can find a lot of sea shells all around the walls. The cave goes a bit before reaching a big black room with a nice black halocline in the middle. We cross through and it feels like we’re entering a very different cave.

Here the walls are white, highly decorated and thin orange lines are embracing the lines of the cave formations. 
We keep on going forward a little bit and need to jump down through a bedding plane to finally reach one of the biggest salt water tunnels we’ve ever seen, it is absolutely mind blowing.

As a matter of conservation and ethics, we won’t say where that cave is nor take you there before we get to know you very well and you got to dive some of the most dived caves of the area but we just want to share our passion for this cave with you.


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